Guyana Tax Services

Within our tax department, we have a broad range of specialist skills gained from individuals who have extensive experience in the tax profession. By using a combination of reason and instinct, we can work with you to develop a strategy that helps you both understand and manage your tax liability in a transparent and ethical way.

Our tax team provides a range of tax services to:

  • Local clients, both individuals, and companies.
  • Investors from around the globe.
  • Individuals living in different jurisdictions.


Our team covers a full range of compliance services such as the registration at the Guyana Revenue Authority, preparation of the required tax returns, and managing the required payments, as well as providing tax advice and tax planning. Whether you’re a medium-sized dynamic business or a multinational company, we offer one-to-one access to senior tax people across the globe. Our teams listen closely to your needs and respond quickly with insightful solutions.


Our key services are among others:

  • A full compliance service to prepare tax returns, for example for the corporation income tax, income tax, employment tax, and VAT.
  • Tax advice services to help you manage tax risks and opportunities in Guyana.
  • Tax advice on employees’ incentive schemes and stock options.
  • Assisting you with the registration at the required authorities in Guyana.
  • Assisting in verifying the to-be-paid import duties and excise duties.
  • (International) tax planning and incorporation services.
  • Advice on investing in Guyana and the Caribbean territories.


For more insights about our tax services in Guyana, please visit our publications page.