Let us support you in achieving a mature governance model for your organization

As shareholders and stakeholders - including customers, employees, suppliers, banks, and regulators - demand more board oversight, companies face increasing pressure to shape and implement a satisfactory Governance structure to create, grow or consolidate long-term value.  

Our approach to Corporate Governance is pragmatic: 

  •  We begin with understanding your business, your industry, and your specific governance and compliance needs. 
  •  We help you develop and strengthen governance structures and practices that address shareholder and stakeholder expectations. 
  • And we do so within the boundaries of operational and commercial acceptability.  

Our Corporate Governance Advisory services include:

  •  Gap analysis against best practices of Corporate Governance Frameworks. 
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of the Supervisory Board and Board of Directors.
  • Providing consulting support for the preparation of Regulations, Policies, Procedures, Reports, etc.





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