Grant Thornton Aruba's Heartfelt Contribution to Aruba Doet: Fostering Community, Collaboration, and CSR Commitment

During the Aruba Doet event, a heartwarming display of community support and volunteerism unfolded. This annual initiative sees the entire Aruba community come together to lend a helping hand to various projects, schools, and organizations that have registered for assistance through Aruba Doet. Volunteers generously offer their time and effort, undertaking tasks such as repainting buildings, upgrading playgrounds, and organizing special events for the organizations involved. Grant Thornton Aruba takes great pride in supporting the Aruba Doet initiative each year.

In the most recent Aruba Doet event, Grant Thornton Aruba rallied two groups of dedicated volunteer-employees to contribute to two meaningful projects. The first involved the repainting of the De Schatkist Toddler and After-School Care building, while the second focused on revitalizing the Funari Foundation's premises—a foundation dedicated to integrating physically disabled individuals into society. The day began early, with volunteers from Grant Thornton Aruba and other organizations coming together, donning the customary Aruba Doet t-shirts, and enthusiastically engaging in the painting process, accompanied by groovy music.

This participation in Aruba Doet closely aligns with Grant Thornton Aruba's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practices. As a firm, we have a longstanding commitment to giving back to the Aruban community, with our CSR activities primarily focusing on areas such as children, the elderly, education, sports, animals, and culture. By partaking in the Aruba Doet initiative, Grant Thornton Aruba not only supports the community but also fosters collaboration, communication, and teamwork among our employees.

The choice of the two specific locations for our volunteer efforts was deliberate, aligning with Grant Thornton Aruba's CSR focus areas. This selection also harmonized with the priorities of our employees regarding Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Participating in the Aruba Doet initiative is an honor we embrace wholeheartedly. The sense of fulfillment and anticipation that precedes the project, coupled with the profound satisfaction experienced upon its completion, is immeasurable. Sharing this fulfilling experience with our colleagues is a testament to the values and culture of Grant Thornton Aruba—one that we enthusiastically endorse and will continue to support.