Sustainability Services

Grant Thornton Aruba recognizes the importance of Sustainability and ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria in developing a strong business strategy, taking a global leading role in understanding and implementing it.

Our Sustainability Services include:

Sustainability Strategy 

We can assist your organization in formulating the sustainability strategy / ESG aspects and help you integrate them into the organization’s overall strategic planning. First, we define the stakeholder groups to better understand your organization and what the most important aspects of it are for your stakeholder groups. Right after we know who exactly your stakeholders are, our team will set related goals and define the roadmap to achieve them. The roadmap includes revised policy & procedures, internal and external communication plans, and KPIs for each stakeholder’s group. After these two steps are completed, our team will formulate together with your organization a strategic SDGs action plan in depth for 3-5 years.

SDG Action Plan

Grant Thornton Aruba can assist your organization in aligning your strategic planning, actions and indicators with the global sustainability agenda, based on the Global Compact Principles and the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDG Action Plan will cover the following:

  • The assessment and understanding of the organization’s ESG initiatives;
  • Defined or revised relevant topics to the organization in line with the global agenda;
  • Tested organization’s compliance with the SDGs;
  • Actions and ESG indicators aligned to a global framework;
  • Structured communication of sustainability actions.



Grant Thornton Aruba can assist your organization with external and internal reporting about sustainability progress, targets, and other metrics that are set in your Goals and KPIs plan. By using an impact measurement framework and tools, our team will help your organization make your results measurable and ready-to-report for your stakeholders, both internal and external.


Non-financial issues - Materiality Analysis

Our team can prepare a tailor-made materiality matrix depending on the size and nature of your organization. Together with your team, we will evaluate the ESG issues that are most material to your organization, such as issues that may significantly affect not only your economic, environmental, and social performance, but your corporate reputation as well, and incorporate the global ESG framework recommendations into our materiality analysis approach.


Workshops to embed strategy

Grant Thornton Aruba can assist different organizations with embedding their ESG initiatives into a company’s culture through interactive workshops. Our team can also conduct tailor-made workshops according to your organization’s ESG strategy, or any topic your team considers necessary for your organization.


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