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Advisory Newsflash

[EN] CBA's New Supervisory Costs

As of 1 January 2023, a new AML/CFT Supervisory cost for designated non-financial service providers has been introduced by the Aruban Government.

The Aruban Government has issued a National Decree (Landsbesluit AB 2022 no. 169) requiring designated non-financial service providers to contribute with an annual supervisory cost to the Central Bank of Aruba. The maximum amount of the annual fee is set on Afl. 7.500,- per entity and must be invoiced by the Central Bank before 1 December of each year.

The annual fees will be as follows: Casinos: Afl. 7.500,- per casino Real Estate Brokers: Afl. 750,- per legal entity Car Dealers: Afl. 750,- per legal entity Art and Antiques Dealers and Traders in precious metal, stone, and jewelry: Afl. 750,- per legal entity Notaries, Candidate Notaries, tax advisors, lawyers, or other similar legal professions: Afl. 750,- per individual professional Registered accountants or other similar profession: Afl. 750,- per individual professional.

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