Compliance Officer (Part-time)

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Location: Aruba

The Officer enforces and monitors risk-based compliance programs to assure the firms compliance with AML/CFT legal and regulatory requirements and assists the oversight of the AML/CFT framework. He/she performs quality-check on the periodic reviews to assure that these are in accordance with the AML/CFT regulatory requirements and the procedures from the organization. He/she identifies AML/CFT compliance issues that require follow-up or further investigation. Works in a team with the Reporting Officer and Compliance Officer.

What are the role’s main responsibilities, what will it involve?

• Provide feedback and recommendation on improvements on the current AML/CFT procedures, monitoring, or execution of AML/CFT Compliance standard
• Support the Compliance framework on the development or implementation of compliance-related policies and procedures throughout the organization
• Provide support to the organization when AML/CFT regulatory updates or changes are incorporated in the policies and procedures
• Keep informed regarding trends and developments in the area of AML/CFT, and best practices and assess the potentialimpact of these on organizational processes
• Assist to undertake quality reviews of compliance with policies and procedures to AML/CFT
• Assists with training of staff in Compliance topics


Education, experience and qualifications:

• Minimum completed Bachelor required, preferably in Business Administration, Economics or
• Min. 2-4 years’ experience in a similar position
• Formal compliance-related certifications is a plus
• Knowledge of rules and regulations relative to AML/CFT principles is a plus
• Knowledge of the type of business of our firm is a plus
• Strong financial analytical skills, able to read reports and interpret data
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English, Dutch and Papiamento
• Good interpersonal skills and ability to build long-term working relationships
• Ability to collaborate/work with others, inside and outside one’s own area to accomplish business goals
• High level of integrity, able to maintain confidential information
• Strong attention to detail and able to work within deadlines, result-oriented

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